Knowledge Quest

Published bimonthly September through June, Knowledge Quest is devoted to offering substantive information to assist building-level school librarians, supervisors, library educators, and other decision makers concerned with the development of school library programs and services. This collection contains issues dating back until 2011. Archives issues back to 2008 can be accessed via ERIC.

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Volume 40, No. 3 - Futurecasting

Futurecasting focuses on how predicting and preparing the future helps to ensure school libraries will be ready to accept the challenges of the 21st century. The issue anticipates how librarians will need to adapt library programs and stay relevant in this era of rapid change. The issue is guest edited by Wendy DeGroat and Steven Yates.

  • Steven Yates, Instructor and Distance Education Coordinator, University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies
  • Wendy DeGroat, Librarian, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
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Volume 40, No. 2 - The Solo Librarian

As education funding is being cut throughout the country, many school librarians are being asked to do “more with less.” Guest edited by Audrey Church and Frances Reeve, this issue features the stories of librarians from rural, suburban, urban, and different regions of the country, and address what resources might be available to assist the solo librarian in tough economic times.

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Volume 40, No. 1 - Educational Gaming

Educational Gaming has become an increasingly popular resource in education. This issue explores how lessons based on games are currently contributing to school learning standards, what effect educational games have on students, and the ways in which school librarians are helping to develop games as educational tools. This issue is guest edited by Terri Kirk and Chris Harris.

  • Christopher Harris, Director of the School Library System, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
  • Terri Grief, School Librarian, McCracken County (KY) High School
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