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Your Databases Are Next: The Digital Redlining Movement and How Your Databases Might Not Work the Way You Think

May 31, 2022 6:00pm

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While school librarians continue to reel from the unprecedented assault on books in libraries across the country, a new threat has sought expression as the same astroturf political groups seek to demonize database content in legislation in a variety of states. Depicting database content as potentially dangerous to children (and in many cases stripping away legal protections that would prevent librarians and educators from being sued), these groups have been working against database companies for years. While librarians can empathize with the pressures these companies have felt from parent groups, the discovery that some databases oriented to middle and elementary school audiences have encoded stopwords that do not return results despite age-appropriate content being present has come as a shock to many librarians. Learn how to protect your electronic materials, to initiate conversations with vendors and consortia, to combat legislation in your state, and how to reframe how you present databases to students and faculty.


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Credits: None available.

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