Barnas Monteith

Chairman, Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair, Inc.

Barnas Monteith is chairman of Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair, Inc., one of the oldest inquiry-based science education nonprofits in the U.S. Barnas is the most successful Massachusetts science fair participant in history, with a record of eight first-place MA wins, and numerous first-place awards at the national and international levels. His projects focused on computerized models to study revolution, work that he continued at both Tufts and Harvard. He started several successful technology companies in the fields of wearable computing, financial and security software development, and semiconductor research and development, specializing in diamonds, renewable energy, and lighting. He serves on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Math and Science Advisory Council and was a gubernatorial appointee to the Massachusetts governor’s STEM Advisory Council, serving as a committee cochair. He has coauthored several patents, published a number of scientific articles, and speaks regularly at global STEM events. Among his recent children’s books published by Tumbledown Learning are The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil (2012), The Harrowing Case of the Hackensack Hacker (2013), and Dinosaur Eggs and Blue Ribbons (2015)