Christa Harrelson Deissler

School Library & Instructional Technology Specialist, Union Point STEAM Academy

Christa Harrelson Deissler is the school librarian and instructional technology specialist at Union Point STEAM Academy, a K–8 charter school in Union Point, Georgia. She was program coordinator for the University of Georgia’s School Library and Instructional Technology programs at the time that the work described in this article was completed and has worked with both K–12 students as a school librarian and with pre-service school librarians as a school library educator. She always told her UGA graduate students that being a school librarian is the best job in the world, and she just couldn’t deny that pleasure to herself any longer, so in fall 2015 she returned to practice in the school library. She continues to work to build bridges between all levels of school librarianship and all fields of education.