Jason Edwards


Jason Edwards is an award-winning author/“edutainer” with over thirty years of experience developing innovative ways to entertain, instruct, and inspire children. Even his Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency books are more than just frightfully funny adventure stories; they are designed to help children confront their fears and to model ways to control anxieties. Jason’s deft touch at addressing children’s issues in a nonthreatening manner has earned him the Mom’s Choice Award for family-friendly media and an endorsement from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (now known as the Anxiety and Depression Association of America). In addition to writing, Jason travels to schools and libraries across the nation performing his Monster Hunt Library Skills-Building Adventure program and his Destination: Inspiration InterACTIVE StoryCrafting Workshops. Jason lives in New York with his wife, daughters, and a rabbit named Bunniford who never comes when called. Learn more about Jason at his website j81502.wix.com/MonsterAuthor.