Mega Subramaniam

Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Dr. Mega Subramaniam is an Associate Professor in the College of Information Studies, and Associate Director of the Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC) at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Subramaniam’s innovative research focuses on enhancing the role of libraries in fostering the mastery of information and new media literacy so essential to the learning of science and mathematics among underserved young people. Specifically, she conducts research in creating socio-culturally relevant learning environments that leverage the strengths of libraries, where the library programs can engage young people in inquiry experiences, utilize technology for effective learning experiences, and make connections to their interests in media, health, and the environment. She serves as the co-editor of the School Library Research journal and the International Journal of Information, Diversity, and Inclusion. More information about her research and teaching interests can be found at: