Devona J. Pendergrass

School Librarian, Mountain Home High School

Devona J. Pendergrass is the school librarian at Mountain Home High School. She is a member of the AASL Senior Project/Capstone Project task force and AASL Affiliate Assembly executive committee. She’s also an AASL Affiliate Assembly past secretary and AASL SPVR section representative to the AASL Board of Directors. Devona is the Arkansas Library Association president elect and Constitution chair, as well as the past division chair of the Arkansas Association of School Librarians. She also serves as the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media treasurer and Long Range Planning chair. She was named the AAIM School Librarian of the Year in 2005 and the Hastings Educator of the Year in 2006. She also received the AAIM Library of the Year Award in 2007, the Herb Lawrence Leadership Award in 2010, and the Mountain Home Public Schools Big Heart Award in 2012. Her blog is available at