Christopher Bell

Librarian, American School

The first 10 years Christopher Bell’s career was spent working for Colorado public schools as a Librarian and a Technology Coordinator. In that time he wrote for School Library Journal online and was a board member for the Colorado Association of Libraries. He was a leader in the opening of two brand new schools. Each time he developed the library program as well as the implementation of technology. Twice he was recognized for exceptional library programming by receiving the Power Library designation in Colorado. He has been overseas for the last 8 years working in international schools. For two years, he was the Head Librarian and Technology Director at Awsaj Academy, followed by six years as the Librarian and Technology Coordinator at the International School in Bangkok. Currently, he is the Librarian at the American School in Japan. He has also consulted for schools internationally for both the libraries and technology. Chris also has organized 6 TedxYouth Events for students, he is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Trainer. His philosophy around libraries is that the library should be a place to investigate, create and collaborate. He favorite time of every day is working with students on research or just talking books.