Jen Bigioni

Educational Media Specialist, Princeton High School Learning Commons

Jen Bigioni is the Educational Media Specialist at the Princeton High School Learning Commons, in Princeton, NJ, where she and her team of assistants serve more than 2/3 of the school's nearly 1,600 students each day, teaching them the best research methodologies and accurate intellectual property use, fostering a love of reading, and providing them with the skills, materials, technology, and the atmosphere to become active creators and disseminators of knowledge. She also works as part of a team with and for her fellow teachers to enrich curriculum, to train and to support all in project-based learning, and to blend appropriate technology into both lessons and assignments. Jen earned her BA in political science from Rutgers College, her MA in political philosophy from The University of York, Heslington, York, England, and her MLIS from Rutgers School of Communication and Information in May 2015.