Sharon Loniewski

Teacher Librarian, Camas School District

Sharon Loniewski is a Teacher Librarian in a K-5 Elementary School in the state of Washington. She has her Masters in Teaching and the Library Media K-8 Endorsement. She teaches 520 students every week and is a part of a very strong cohort of elementary librarians within Camas School District. They meet twice per month. During several of these meetings, the need to create a Informational Literacy Plan had become evident. Sharon created a matrix or plan that combines Media Literacy Standards, AASL standards, Technology Literacy Standards, Intellectual Property Ethics, and CCSS ELA Literacy Standards. In practice, Sharon teaches her intermediary students The Big 6 Research Methods and has success collaborating with classroom teachers on these projects. Examples of the Literacy Plan and of projects completed using The Big 6 Research methods and the presentations students created may be shared with participants of this workshop. Previous to working as a Teacher Librarian, Sharon taught second grade. And previous to a career change, she worked as a Graphic Designer. The transition has been rewarding!