Stacy Brown

Librarian & 21st Century Learning Coordinator, The Davis Academy

Stacy Brown is a librarian and the 21st Century Learning Coordinator at The Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, where she manages two media centers in a kindergarten prep through eighth grade academic environment. Recognized for creating a culture of innovation and for facilitating the integration of technology into the curriculum, she leads Maker Monday for PreK through fifth grade, facilitates a fourth grade programming and robotics class and a fifth grade course focused on text-based programming languages, game design and 3D printing. She developed a sixth grade entrepreneurship and technology course, facilitates the coding curriculum, leads the student technology leadership program, Network Sherpas, and leads teachers’ professional development in the area of technology integration. Stacy earned her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences from Florida State University and her Bachelor of Arts in English with a Minor in French from The University of Texas at Austin. Stacy has led many initiatives focusing on 21st century learning skills. She has presented at numerous conferences, such as TCEA, SxSWEDU, ALA, TLA, GaETC, and more. She currently serves on the boards for the Atlanta Area Technology Educators and Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc., and is the regional director of the Georgia technology competition for the Independent and Home School Region. Stacy is the author of the book The School Librarian’s Technology Playbook: Innovative Strategies for Teachers and Learners published by Libraries Unlimited in February 2020 and a contributor to the book entitled School Library Makerspaces in Action published by Libraries Unlimited in March 2018 as well as Library Technology Reports published May/June 2018 volume. Stacy inspires a thoughtful use of technology, an enthusiasm for reading, and a lifelong interest in learning through both her personal and professional achievements.