Paul Ricks

Professor, Brigham Young University

I’m originally from the ever-exotic Winslow, Arizona, a little town on the edge of the Navajo and Hopi tribal lands. No worries if you haven’t heard of the place, but if you’re a fan of old school rock music then it will perhaps ring a bell. Also, I studied Portuguese and Elementary Education as an undergraduate, which later led to international and stateside teaching opportunities in university and elementary settings. After teaching in fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms for seven years (it smelled like a lot of puberty, but it was an absolute blast), I eventually went back to grad school at another smallish town, State College, PA, where I worked with Dr. Yenika-Agbaw at Penn State. My wife Stephanie and I have three little boys who keep things pretty interesting/exciting at our place. For those who may wonder, I’m a Ravenclaw, Steph is a Hufflepuff, and we just found out that our eldest is a Slytherin. The youngest two have yet to be sorted, but as ours is already a house divided, I imagine we’re in for a wild ride.