Val Edwards

Library/Education Consultant, P2G Consulting

Building on 25 years developing professional relationships, team building, and collegial mentoring, my consulting is focused on team building and workplace conflict management. I rely on my background in education to develop strategic growth plans for clients. Experience serving on local, state, and national organizational boards informs my work with clients as they strengthen collegial relationships and team connections. My work in nurturing professional growth, mediating conflict, facilitating strategic planning & execution is predicated on concise, clear communication, delineation of expectations & desired outcomes, and concrete action plans for moving forward. Managing workplace challenges draws on my background supporting others as they strive to grow in their profession. My experience working with a variety of people across industries ranging from tourism to education, led to my realization that developing professional relationships is the most fulfilling component of my work. Specialities include: building collaborative professional relationships, utilizing research & resources to guide development, and establishing concrete outcomes with realistic action plans. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have a love of being outside and near a lake! Outside of work, I keep busy biking and gardening with my husband as well as walking and training our sassy rescue dog. We also love to travel, read, and support several non-profits that are near and dear to our hearts.